books 1 This fourth edition has been fully revised and incorporates new information collected from her visits to each of the archipelagos during 2003. It contains new plans, many necessitated by the surge in marina building, particularly in the Canaries, since the publication of the last edition. Many new colour photographs have been added. The standard production has been improved by the full use of colour and clearer definition of the island sections and references between them. Atlantic Islands is the only serious guide to the island groups and is an essential companion for yachts making the Atlantic passage.
books 2 Plans Pto de la Luz, Pto de los Marmoles and Pto de Naos, Pto de San Sebastian, Pto de Santa Cruz, Darsena Pesquera (S Cruz de Tenerife), Morro Jable, Pto de la Estaca 1:598,000
books 3 5th ed. A cruising guide to all the islands in the Canary chain. Colour photos, excellent provisioning and visiting information, geared to the yachtsman.
books 4

Przewodnik Wyspy Kanaryjskie

autor: praca zbiorowa

rok wydania: 2004

seria: Przewodniki Pascala (świat) - nie masz, nie jedź!

ISBN: 83-7304-273-3

liczba stron: 336

okładka: miękka, foliowana

books 5

Przewodnik Wyspy Kanaryjskie

autor: Irena i Andrzej Fedorowiczowie

rok wydania: 1998

wydawnictwo: Wiedza i Życie

ISBN: 83-7184-174-4

liczba stron: 165

okładka: miękka, foliowana



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